Aikido Club

Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese martial art focused on self-development and self-defence.  It is often described as one of the most subtle and sophisticated of the martial arts. It uses the attacker’s strength and aggression against them, with techniques mainly consisting of throws and joint locks. The nature of Aikido and its use of body movement and technique allow it to be practiced by anyone – regardless of physique, age, gender or fitness level.

The club is very friendly and boasts a helpful and enjoyable training environment as well as an excellent social life with weekly socials and regular parties, movie nights, and other events.


Our training focuses mainly on unarmed aspects of Aikido, augmented by weapons training as many techniques are derived from use of the sword and staff. 


Our Club sessions are routinely led by our three professionally trained coaches, who have been with the club for a number of years; creating  lesson plans and engaging with our members so that each and every student can potentially achieve a black belt, 1st Dan, qualification by the end of their four years with us. 

Rick Craig, our 4th Dan Black belt instructor, who also practises Iaido.
Fiona Craig, our 1st Dan Black belt instructor, and regular attendee of the club.
Geoff Saulnier, our 4th Dan Black belt instructor, and one of the club’s founding members.

Aikido is a non-competitive sport that focuses on self-improvement and defence. None of the club’s sessions are focussed on competition and they are happy to have as many people practicing as can fit in the hall.